Since 1995, Greenways Environmental, LLC, has been researching and developing soil products that exceed industry standards, and even help set standards in the Western United States.

Our products come from Organic Forest Products--and nothing else!

Recent News

Safe Schools

If you're in purchasing or groundskeeping at a Southern California school, please look out for our postcard that will be coming to you. We'd love to do business with you--and you can be sure that our products will help you create safe, non-toxic play yards, athletic fields, and gardens.

Golf Course Sustainability

Our professional landscape product line is tested by independent third-party laboratories, and the results continue to exceed EPA standards--and we like it that way. We prefer to provide products that, just by their nature (no pun intended), are good for landscapes and good for the Earth.
Some "premium" blends say they deliver nutrients to the soil for up to 6 weeks--our organic soil products continually deliver nutrients, conserve water, regulate soil temperature, suppress disease, and more--for the life of their usage. We all know that this is key to sustainable landscapes, and sustainability is the mandate of most Golfcourse management programs.