Since 1995, Greenways Environmental, LLC, has been researching and developing soil products that exceed industry standards, and even help set standards in the Western United States.

Our products come from Organic Forest Products--and nothing else!

About Greenways Environmental LLC

Advancing the Science of Soil Management

Greenways Environmental, LLC, was founded in 1995, as a research & development company to advance the science of soil management. Prior to 1995, Greenways' founder Kevin Fretz served as a program manager for Browning-Ferris Industries' Waste & Recycling Systems division in Vancouver, B.C. Mr. Fretz led a waste engineering systems program encompassing marketing, sales, and contracts management.
During his time at BFI, Mr. Fretz assisted in the implementation of North America's first commercial collection organics program. The objective of this pilot program was to divert organic wastes from landfills--to redirect these green materials into a commercial composting operation for fertilizer production. In 1994, BFI relocated Mr. Fretz to its newly-formed organics division in Orange County, California.

A New Mandate for California

This division was established to facilitate compliance with California State Assembly Bill 939, which mandated the diversion of 25% of all recyclables from California's landfills by January 1995 and 50% by the year 2000. The division's primary focus was on managing green waste generated by the landscape maintenance industry, as well as by homeowners. Businesses created by the landfill diversion mandates have been able to survive on tipping fees alone. Mr. Fretz' wanted to do much more--his passion has always been to create safe organic products from greenwaste--and to continually raise the standard for soil products.
As a result, Mr. Fretz started Greenways Environmental, LLC, to develop and market nutrient-rich "toxic free" compost derived from select clean green organic wastes. Since 1995, Mr. Fretz has worked with soil scientists to create products, meanwhile building a "code of ethics" to help purchasers discern the difference between "safe" and "unsafe" organic waste feedstock in the production of compost.

Exceeding Industry Standards for Realtime Sustainability

Greenways has tested more than 1,000,000 cubic yards of composted materials to date, and the results show that Greenways Environmental's standards are currently considered the most stringent quality guidelines in the United States.