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For almost 15 years, we've provided superior quality organic soil conditioners, seed toppers, mulches, custom blends, and more, to the western United States marketplace. We're specified by California cities like Irvine and City of Moreno Valley, and by Las Vegas resorts like the Mirage, Bellagio, and Wynn.

Our professional landscape product line is tested by independent third-party laboratories, and the results continue to exceed EPA standards--and we like it that way. We prefer to provide products that, just by their nature (no pun intended), are good for landscapes and good for the Earth. Some "premium" blends say they deliver nutrients to the soil for up to 6 weeks--our organic soil products continually deliver nutrients, conserve water, regulate soil temperature, suppress disease, and more--for the life of their usage. We all know that this is key to sustainable landscapes, and sustainable is the mandate of most projects.

Natural sustainability is our goal, and we want to team with you to make that happen for your clients. When you want to use Greenways Environmental products in your project, we can team with you to provide help on projects and bid proposals.

Greenways Environmental Top 5 Professional Organic Landscape Products:

  • Greenways Best™ Soil Conditioner

    1/2" sifted blend regionally formulated from organic forest products. A favorite among our customers--it provides better aeration and water percolation, and offers exceptional ability to resist soil compaction.
  • Pacific Mulch™

    1-3" Appearance Grade.
    Offers an aesthetically appealing way to finish landscaping while creating an environment that conserves water, inhibits weed growth, and regulates soil temperature. Ideal for hydromulching.
  • Greenways Best™ Seed Topper & Top Dressing

    1/4" sifted organic blend that can be used as a seed topper or as a top dressing for grasses after aerification or scalping, or during hydroseeding for erosion control. Supplies nutrients and adds beneficial bacteria to the soil, which helps promote disease suppression. No additional fertilizers needed!
  • Eco-Peat Organic Potting Soil

    1/4" blend formulated from organic forest products. Increases nutrient and water retention. Ideal seeding medium for food and color crops. Available in bulk - can easily be applied directly to crops in greenhouses and fields.
  • Athletic Field Mix

    Soil conditioner custom blended for specific planting needs, based on agronomic suitability tests.

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