Since 1995, Greenways Environmental, LLC, has been researching and developing soil products that exceed industry standards, and even help set standards in the Western United States.

Our products come from Organic Forest Products--and nothing else!

Bulk Sales

Genuinely sustainable Landscapes happen only in nutrient-rich, disease-free soil environments. The amount you invest in soil preparation determines the impact on plant health, water requirements, and plant resistance to disease & insects--as well as the impact on investments you must make to preserve and enhance your landscape (e.g. labor, utilities, etc.).

Top Five reasons Why we're a beneficial long-term partner:

  1. Our organic products are specified by corporations, builders, designers, landscape architects, soil engineers, golf courses, cities, counties, states, schools, and more...who want to make their landscape investments sustainable and easier to maintain;
  2. It's easy to do business with us: simply call, send us an email, or fax us an invoice. We'll get back to you within the current day, or, if we receive your information late in the day, we'll contact you the next business day;
  3. We have flexible fulfillment processes in place;
  4. We're experienced professionals who understand project management, operations and logistics; we've been successfully serving our markets for almost fifteen years; and
  5. We can help you design complete and compliant resource and waste management programs, not just soil management and composting processes.

Let Greenways Environmental help you protect your environmental assets!

Greenways Environmental Top 5 Professional Organic Landscape Products:

  • Greenways Best™ Soil Conditioner

    1/2" sifted blend regionally formulated from organic forest products. A favorite among our customers--it provides better aeration and water percolation, and offers exceptional ability to resist soil compaction.
  • Pacific Mulch™

    1-3" Appearance Grade.
    Offers an aesthetically appealing way to finish landscaping while creating an environment that conserves water, inhibits weed growth, and regulates soil temperature. Ideal for hydromulching.
  • Greenways Best™ Seed Topper & Top Dressing

    1/4" sifted organic blend that can be used as a seed topper or as a top dressing for grasses after aerification or scalping, or during hydroseeding for erosion control. Supplies nutrients and adds beneficial bacteria to the soil, which helps promote disease suppression. No additional fertilizers needed!
  • Eco-Peat Organic Potting Soil

    1/4" blend formulated from organic forest products. Increases nutrient and water retention. Ideal seeding medium for food and color crops. Available in bulk - can easily be applied directly to crops in greenhouses and fields.
  • Athletic Field Mix

    Soil conditioner custom blended for specific planting needs, based on agronomic suitability tests.